• Ubik


Music & Sound

This music project, started in 2000 and named after the visionary novel by Philip K. Dick, is propelled by four Biella-born musicians, namely: Giulio Xhaët, Rodolfo Sogno Fortuna, Giuseppe Amato, and Edward Romano. In 2002 with Mauro Pagani's Officine Meccaniche; in 2003 on tour in Bosnia Herzegovina, from 2003 to 2006 albums & sound-tracks for theatre shows, and finalist at Arezzo Wave (Music Village Contest. In 2007, they won the Cecchetto Festival (video clip on the TV channel Italia 1). In 2008 they roamed Italy with Aquatour and there video is in wave on All Music. Cooperating with Glocal Design Studio they integrate Music and Design and stimulate new emotions and live unique experiences.