Reflective Mirrors
Salonesatellite07 Event & Mirrors Collection

Reflective Mirrors” by Glocal Design Studio were launched at Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano 2007, SaloneSatellite07. This collection specifically illustrates contemporary neuroses and fears that are accepted and shared. A pretext to reflect upon the future. Irony, play, and self-criticism through objects to make fun of our phobias. Mod. Rumour: we are under control as never before. The Goddess of Communications has got hold of us … Mod. Frivolous: A tribe of different people homologizing in provocation, victims of fashion yet unaware of their being unique! Mod. Trust: And one day the rabbit will turn into a wolf.... Loneliness and Violence in towns and villages: are you sure this is good for the children of your children?