Abitare il Tempo”
Fiera di Verona 17th-23th September 2009

Linking People” - “Be Visibile with Invisibile” Area
Universo Dentro” UNIVERSO DENTRO” works of art
The fascination of places of passage is all about the precariousness of the story they witness. People and shadows occupy passages for fleeting moment. The installation “Universo Dentro” (180 x 90 cm, prof 70 cm – 2560Kg) is a window onto the soul. An out-sized granite geode is sundered by a mirror reflects the physicality of stone, revealing an ethereal, intangible “universe inside”. The infinite amplification of the reflections seems to expand space to infinite. The works of art contains our own personal universe: the enthusiasm and dreams of the Child, then the striving of the grown Man as he proceeds along his way, building his society's future.